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By Kayla Czappa | June 14, 2022 | 5 Minute Read

How Banzai and Kadince Help Strengthen Your Community

Kadince and Banzai help build your community involvement puzzle

Financial institutions do a great job helping everyone—communities, families, schools, you name it. And with so many efforts geared toward serving and strengthening their communities, it’s no wonder banks and credit unions have begun investing in financial literacy programs such as Banzai to help their customers/members become more financially literate.


Banzai is an online, life literacy education platform that allows you to foster financial literacy in your community with an expansive library of financial and life literacy products and ready-made marketing materials. Banzai also helps you connect with community organizations and schools by giving you shareable education resources including Coaches, calculators, articles, in-school presentations, and more.


Banzai works well with Kadince, community involvement software for financial institutions. While Banzai helps you run your financial literacy program and community events, Kadince helps you track, manage, and report all your data. This keeps you organized and helps you make an even bigger impact in your community. 


Banzai and Kadince can help you and your institution in several ways, including:


Teach community members about important financial topics

The more community members understand about their own finances, the more likely they are to become engaged with the services your bank or credit union offers. If you partner with Banzai, your community members will have access to an online resource library where they can learn about various financial topics, such as borrowing and credit, saving, and investing. These web pages will even feature your bank or credit union’s branding, helping community members to associate your institution with financial literacy and growth.



Partner with nonprofits and schools

A lot of community organizations out there could use a little boost from their local financial institutions. Banks and credit unions all over the US are showing community support by donating their time, employees, and money for use in schools and nonprofit institutions alike. Participating in such a charitable contribution reflects positively on any participating financial institution—invoking a deeper sense of trust and respect among local residents and federal banking regulators.


Both Banzai and Kadince help you build partnerships with local nonprofits and schools. Banzai is an easy-to-use, online financial literacy program that is sure to help students in your community become financially literate and prepare them for their future. Banzai’s sponsor relations team will even help your institution form partnerships by leading a conversation and/or demoing your Banzai program to potential partners in your community (such as The Boys & Girls Club, Habitat for Humanity, United Way, etc.). 


And while Banzai helps you find and build secure relationships, Kadince ensures that every partnership runs smoothly by tracking events, donations, sponsorships, volunteer hours, and more. With Kadince, it’s easy to track and manage all your community involvement data, so you’re never left wondering what your institution is doing in the community and whether or not you’re making an impact. 


Take the lead in CRA 

If your institution has to report under the Community Reinvestment Act, you know how difficult it can be to find opportunities to get this CRA credit. Although community involvement is both appreciated and mandatory under the CRA, it doesn’t have to be a tedious addition to all your other tasks—especially if you have a little bit of help. 


One way to potentially get CRA credit is by using Banzai’s online financial literacy program. This program gives your employees the opportunity to present on financial topics at schools in your area. In other words, Banzai can help you get the volunteer hours you need to score well on your CRA exam. And Kadince can help you track all those volunteer hours so you never miss a thing. Imagine knowing exactly how many hours your employees have volunteered in the community, and actually being able to get them to submit those hours. Crazy, right? Not with Kadince! 


The money you invest in the Banzai program may even count as a community development service under the CRA. While this isn’t guaranteed, you can see how Pinnacle Bank got credit for their Banzai investment here



Kadince software


Track and manage your community involvement

With Kadince, manual tasks such as sifting through large amounts of data or forwarding emails can be turned into automatic ones. Instead of spending hours tracking data in spreadsheets and binders, everything will be tracked in one, easy-to-use, online system. You’ll never have to worry about lost email threads or unreported volunteer hours again. It’s even easy to create eye-catching reports and present them to your bank or credit union board or another entity. 


Kadince and Banzai will help you effectively serve and strengthen your community—and with a lot less work on your part. Learn more about Kadince by scheduling a demo. And, don’t forget to check out Banzai’s online program here


None of Kadince, Inc., its affiliates, or its respective employees, directors, officers, and agents (collectively, “Kadince”) are responsible or liable for any content or information incorporated herein. Read full disclosure.

Kayla Czappa | Content Marketing Specialist, Banzai

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