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By Jaidyn Crookston | July 19, 2022 | 8 Minute Read

How Univest Financial Uses Kadince to Track and Manage Events

How Univest Financial Uses Kadince to Track and Manage Events

Do you spend hours upon hours managing your financial institution’s events in spreadsheets and email? 


Do you dread asking employees to submit their volunteer hours after an event because you know you’ll have to follow up seven more times (and you still won’t get them all)?  


Do you have to search through email threads for t-shirt sizes and employee registrations? 


This is a common story.


And one that Betsy Roush, the Community Relations Manager at Univest Financial, found herself getting tired of. 


Now, two years after Betsy began using Kadince to manage her events, she couldn’t be happier with her events process. We recently chatted with Betsy about how she uses Kadince to track and manage Univest Financial’s events, and she had a lot to say. 


“Before Kadince, we tracked events in Excel,” Betsy said. “It wasn’t sortable. And when we needed to do any sort of reporting, it was a very manual process. It was clunky, to say the least.”


Since Betsy started using Kadince, she’s been blown away by how much her process has changed for the better. “With Kadince,” she said, “our event process is a lot prettier and a lot easier to track. We get all of our information here in the Kadince dashboard and then we can click into whatever it is we’re looking for.” 


Here are some things Betsy loves about Kadince:


  • Sorting events by type

  • Easily registering for events (employees)

  • Training employees and building smooth processes

  • Quickly tracking volunteer hours

  • Keeping events running smoothly with Kadince customer support (i.e. her CSMs rock!)


Let’s find out why Betsy loves Kadince so much.


Sort events by type

One of Betsy’s favorite things about Kadince is that she can sort her events by type. Univest Financial has an event series called “Connecting with Community,” and Betsy is able to sort her event list so that she only sees the events in this series. This lets her plan accordingly and see what she needs to do for these projects. When these events were tracked in Excel, Betsy was stuck switching between spreadsheets and tabs just to get a general idea of where each event was at. Now Betsy knows exactly what her institution is doing in the community with only a few clicks. 


Easily register for events

Not only can Betsy sort her events however she wants, she can also use Kadince to manage event registrations, tickets, volunteers, T-shirt sizes, and more. Imagine being able to share an event with your colleagues and collect registrations right on that page. With Kadince, you can. 


Betsy sends out a monthly email letting employees know about the events open to them. She also puts each event in a specific Kadince portal. Think of these portals as a digital version of the bulletin board found in breakrooms. Employees can access it and see all the events in their area or that apply to their interests. Betsy can even send invitations from inside Kadince to specific employees based on their interests. 


Univest Financial's Kadince Events Portal

Univest Financial’s Kadince Events Portal


Once on an event portal page, an employee can select an event they’re interested in and fill out a few questions to register. Univest Financial asks for contact information, whether they’re an employee, whether they have permission from their supervisor (if an event is during work hours), and whether or not they have the necessary T-shirt. And if they do need the T-shirt, the system asks what size they need. 


That’s right. Even getting everyone’s T-shirt size is easy. 


“Prior to Kadince,” Betsy said, “just learning everyone’s T-shirt size was really difficult. It could literally be six emails back and forth just to answer one question! Employees have all these follow-up questions. Are they unisex shirts? Are they women’s? Kadince has really streamlined this process. Not only can I ask what their T-shirt size is right in the event sign-up, but I can provide an attachment that shows them exactly what shirt they need. If they already have it, great. And if they don’t, I’m able to get it to them super quickly. No more emails back and forth.” 


Train employees and build smooth processes

When asked how she teaches employees to use the portal, Betsy said, “Our employees are already tracking their volunteer hours in Kadince. They know what Kadince is and what it does, so extending that to registering for events has been a good transition. The more consistent you are in notifying people about new events and really pushing them to use the system, the more quickly they will jump on board and realize that this is how we’re doing things now.”


While preparing for our conversation, Betsy had opened a few new events to use as examples. Her employees are so well trained, that by the time she was ready to share, four of them had already signed up with no prompting. “Somebody must be paying attention,” Betsy said. Those employees deserve a gold star!


Quickly track volunteer hours

Betsy loves how easy it is to track volunteer hours after an event. Instead of relying on each employee to submit their hours (because, let’s face it, they rarely do), Betsy has an automatic workflow in Kadince that assigns her a task to track event attendance. During the event, Betsy or another bank employee takes a picture of everyone participating. Now Betsy uses this picture to match faces on her screen with those who actually showed up. There are many different ways to track volunteer hours in Kadince, but this is what works for Betsy and her team (and Betsy enjoys feeling like a detective as she analyzes the pictures).


Betsy loves that she’s able to easily track everyone’s volunteer hours, and her coworkers love that they don’t have to fill out another form. This seamless process is one of Betsy’s favorite Kadince features. 


Get the support you need to keep events running smoothly (i.e. our CSMs rock!)

Betsy has had the opportunity to work with a few of our Customer Success Managers (CSMs) as she’s set up Kadince and built her workflows. “Both of my CSMs have been amazing,” Betsy said, “Jennifer Mulder onboarded us and was amazing through that whole process. And Bailey Feekin has been super helpful with automating some of our processes, troubleshooting, figuring out why a workflow isn’t working, and more. The whole Kadince team is very helpful in getting you set up in the most efficient way and are very open to helping you more.” 


Thanks Betsy! 


So, do you like what Betsy had to say about Kadince? Do you like the idea of tracking all your institution’s events in one place? No more spreadsheets. No more binders. Just Kadince and your super awesome event. 


Kadince’s goal is to be the one community involvement software you need. And for Betsy, it is! To learn more about how you could use Kadince to track, manage, and report all your events, schedule a personalized demo. Betsy knows you’re going to love it. ;)




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Jaidyn Crookston | Content Manager, Kadince

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