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By Cassandra Giovanni | January 13, 2021 | 5 Minute Read

How Your Marketing Team Can Save 30+ Hours Per Week

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The compliance management process for financial marketing leaders is more complicated than ever. Kadince's Financial Marketers built their compliance management software to streamline the marketing approval process. They understand that the marketing and advertising workflow is more than just compliance, and helped us reduce our approval turnaround time by 85%.
Advertising approvals are more than just getting compliance right. The Kadince team gets that the process is more than just using paper (or even PDF) checklists. It's a process involving people across the organization. From marketing, to business units, to compliance (finally), and then back to marketing again! As the head of the marketing team at a 1.7-billion-dollar bank, I knew this process all too well.

After implementing Kadince's Financial Compliance Software at the bank, the time spent on approvals was reduced by 85%. The bank marketing department gained nearly 30 hours back each week. The implementation also reduced the time Compliance needed to approve advertisements. The advertising workflow moved from an average of seven business days to three days or less. You can imagine how happy we and our advertising partners were! Kadince employs various time-saving features that help reduce manual input and speed up the marketing approval process.

Workflows That Save Time

The Kadince compliance management software helped us create automated workflows end-to-end. Before Kadince, I found my time taken up by keeping track of not only what was due, but who needed to do it. My core job function was reminding people rather than creating brand-strengthening and revenue-generating marketing strategies. Kadince stepped in to help me shift focus to the latter with workflows.

You might be wondering how I managed to build all those workflows when I had so little time. It did take time to get the compliance management solution customized to the bank's specific needs. But I wasn't alone. My personal Customer Success Manager from Kadince helped each step of the way, guiding and supplying best practices as we created our workflows. These can range from a handful of steps to hundreds. But it was all manageable with the help of our Kadince Customer Success Manager. 

The Kadince Marketing Compliance Software appealed to me because it worked based on our unique needs, and the workflows were scalable. In the end, we were able to start using our new workflows within two weeks of starting to build. The time involved was well worth it. We increased efficiency, defined responsibilities, and reduced the need for oversight. In the end, we found and resolved the bottlenecks delaying the strategic deployment of marketing.

Streamlined Communication To Save Time


It was no surprise that the bottlenecks happened to be in one area: communication. Each day, I received an email with an overview of what was going on in the approval process. Team members across the organization who had an open task also received a reminder email. I no longer had to keep track of who was approving what manually. And even better, I wasn't the bad guy sending reminder emails. Kadince allowed me to communicate seamlessly between departments, which freed up time for me to work on revenue-generating activities. 

Automated Reports Save You Time

Every financial marketer knows that the only constant thing in banking is auditors. They are always around for one thing or another, and when they ask for marketing materials, they want everything. Everything. Even though the team was well-organized, looking through hundreds of files and sending them to auditors took up a large chunk of time, regularly.

Kadince came to the rescue again. With all advertising centralized in Kadince's compliance management system, we could deliver anything the auditors asked for with a click of a button. 

Focus On What You Do Best

Because of Kadince’s Marketing Compliance Software, we saved hundreds of hours a year and began producing marketing materials that increased marketing ROI by nearly 200%. And because we were able to demonstrate how much profit our department was producing, we were able to justify the need for another team member.

The addition of a new team member was no small feat. It gave each member of the bank’s marketing department the time to focus on driving even more growth and revenue, and the upward spiral continues.

Ready to learn how Kadince's Compliance Management Software can help supercharge your marketing and compliance team? Schedule a demo today.
To learn more about Cassandra's Kadince journey, check out this article.
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Cassandra Giovanni | Author and Marketing Professional

Cassandra (Cassie) Giovanni is a passionate storyteller, whether it's the hero's journey in her fiction or crafting unique customer journeys for financial institutions. With more than a decade of experience in banking as front-end employee, assistant branch administrator, and financial marketer, she helps make sure brands are looked at holistically, across all contact points.

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