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By Jaidyn Crookston | December 27, 2022 | 5 Minute Read

How Kadince Helped APG Federal Credit Union Go from Averaging 700 Marketing Projects Per Year to Over 1,000

Kadince Helped APG Federal Credit Union Go from Averaging 700 Marketing Projects Per Year to Over 1,000

How would you like to drastically increase your marketing material output in one year? Sounds impossible, right? Well, Michelle Krecz and her team at APG Federal Credit Union (APGFCU) did just that in 2021.


Michelle is the AVP of Marketing & Communications at APGFCU, a $2B credit union located in Maryland.


Like most financial institutions, APGFCU is very involved in the community. This heavy involvement means that a lot of marketing materials are produced by its marketing team. But tracking and managing these marketing materials can be difficult and time-consuming, especially without an easy-to-use system that keeps everything in one place. Let’s see how Michelle’s team went from 790 marketing projects in 2020 to hitting 1,003 in 2021. 


Manual process = no time 

Flyers, posters, social media posts, videos, and more. You name it, APGFCU’s marketing team does it. On top of creating materials from scratch, Michelle’s team also helps review materials from other departments. But as demand for new materials and reviews picked up, her team had difficulty organizing their project list. 


Before 2019, planning, editing, reviewing, and approving marketing materials was done through email and physical markups. Materials were kept in a marketing drive, and much of Michelle’s time was spent simply organizing them. This meant a lot of paper, back-and-forth, and frustration.


Michelle and her team tried leveraging an internal help desk system for marketing reviews and compliance approvals. The goal was to keep everything in one place and prevent physical markups. However, this system was clunky for the department’s needs and not very user-friendly. 


Kadince = lots of time! 

That’s when Michelle decided she needed to find a better way to review, edit, and approve marketing materials. So she scheduled a demo of Kadince. She had seen Kadince at Credit Union National Association conferences and had heard from some of her colleagues how neat the software was (APGFCU was already using the Kadince Community™ Module). Now she wanted to see whether the Marketing Module could solve her team’s organization problem. 


After seeing a demo, Michelle was hooked. Kadince would make it SO easy to review, edit, and approve marketing materials. No more paper, no more emails back and forth, and best of all, everything would be kept in one place. “I’m so thankful that I pushed for Kadince!” she said. “It has changed my life.” 


By February of 2020, Michelle’s team was using Kadince to track, review, and approve all the credit union’s marketing materials. Just in time, too, because soon afterwards, the COVID-19 pandemic hit and all APGFCU employees began working remotely. 


“We couldn’t have gone remote during the pandemic as efficiently as we did without Kadince,” Michelle said. “April is always busy for us as far as marketing projects go, but Kadince made this process smooth. No issues!” 

Reaching over 1,000 marketing projects in 2021 

Before Kadince, Michelle’s team averaged about 700 marketing projects per year. But due to increased marketing efforts to meet community demand and with the help of Kadince’s automated approval system, they completed 1,003 marketing projects in 2021. That’s a significant increase in one year! 


“It was so neat to see that number,” Michelle said. “We were able to do all these projects because of how easy Kadince is to use and because it allows us to do everything remotely. We love the automated workflows, which help us keep track of where a project is at and whose turn it is to review.”


Now Michelle is rarely, if ever, in her marketing drive. She spends all her time in Kadince. And she loves it! Everything is neat and organized. She can run reports quickly and easily (and they’re pretty, too!). She can look through the project history and see what changes have been made. And she’s always ready for a marketing audit because she already has all the data she needs at her fingertips. 


Michelle’s Kadince dashboard


You can do it too!

If your marketing team’s process is manual and time-consuming, or if you struggle to keep up with requests, check out Kadince.


Kadince makes it easy to review drafts, request changes, and approve marketing materials. Everything is kept in one place, so no more emails, paper edits, or endless shifts at the printer. And with historical data and automated workflows, you’ll never wonder whose turn it is to review or approve material. 


According to Michelle, “I can’t even imagine doing my job without Kadince anymore.” Go Michelle!


Want to follow in Michelle’s footsteps and increase your own marketing material output? Schedule a demo today and see what got her so hooked.


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Jaidyn Crookston | Content Manager, Kadince

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