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By Jaidyn Crookston | December 14, 2021 | 7 Minute Read

7 Ways to Encourage Your Followers to Support a Cause on Social Media

Donate button on a keyboard encouraging followers to support a cause on social media
Social media is a great way for your bank or credit union to connect with customers/members, build your brand, and raise awareness for a charitable cause. 
While you may be able to raise awareness for a cause, it can be challenging to get people to donate or actively support that cause. When you succeed, though, you’ll find that the public’s support is a powerful tool. 
When asking your social media followers to donate or support a cause, it’s important to handle the situation carefully. Even if a cause is dear to your followers’ hearts, you can’t just expect them to give their time or money without first doing some basic groundwork.  
While it might be challenging, rallying your social media followers around a cause isn’t impossible. Here are 7 strategies you can use to encourage them to get involved and take action. 

1. Build a relationship with your follower‌s

When it comes to social media, your followers crave a connection. A great way to build this connection with your followers is by engaging with them directly. Whenever you post on social media, you need to take time in the days and weeks that follow to respond to comments, questions, and concerns. If you create posts but don’t respond in any way, your followers will likely lose interest, even if your post was helpful and insightful. 
Responding to your followers on social media builds a relationship. If you show that you care about your followers and what they have to say, they may be more inclined to take action and support the cause you’re promoting. 

2. Show others getting involved

Share content that shows how others are getting involved. You’ve heard that actions speak louder than words, and in this case, it’s true.
Here are a few ideas to consider:‌

  • Post videos or pictures of people participating in the cause
  • Update your followers on your progress toward a specific goal
  • Tag people and other organizations that are participating
  • Share interviews with other donors about why they chose to support the cause

Don’t only share how other people or organizations are getting involved. You also need to share how your bank or credit union is supporting the cause. If you ask your social media followers to donate to a cause, this plea falls a little flat unless you share how your own institution has donated or supported the cause. Share pictures and videos of bank or credit union employees volunteering. This is a great way to build support while making a difference. When your followers see that your institution is dedicated enough to this issue to give time and money, they’re more likely to take your request seriously. 


3. Include a Call to Action (CTA)

That being said, you can’t just share content that shows people being involved and hope for the best. You need to include a Call to Action, or CTA. This CTA is when you specifically ask your followers to do what you want. Whether it be donating, volunteering, or sharing your post, you need to spell out exactly what you want them to do. 
People are more likely to take action if they’re told to take action, and this is your chance to tell them. You can include a “Get Involved” button on your website, a sentence at the end of your social media post that says “Donate today and help these families find the homes they deserve,” or any number of other CTAs. 

4. Thank everyone who donates or takes action

One of the main reasons donors stop giving is because they were never thanked for their contribution. This shows how essential it is to thank your followers for donating or otherwise getting involved—and the timing is important. If you wait too long before acknowledging their support, they may have forgotten about the cause and moved on to another. Now your gratitude won’t mean as much as it will in the days that follow their contribution. ‌
You might thank donors in a weekly post that tags everyone involved or simply acts as a mass thank you (although this isn’t as impactful as tagging each person). You can even send them a physical thank you letter in the mail. While it’s a small action, thanking donors means a lot to each person who contributes to the cause and continues to build your relationship with them. It may also encourage them to donate or take action again in the future. 

5. Encourage others to spread the word

Do you know anyone with a sizable social media following who also supports the same cause you’re raising awareness for? If so, consider connecting on social media and asking for their help. In return, you can support their organization and share their relevant content. 
You can also ask your followers to share the cause on their social media pages. Instead of asking them to donate, you can use a CTA that says “Share this post” or something similar. When you have more people spreading the word, you’ll reach more individuals and raise more awareness for your cause. Be sure to acknowledge anyone who helps out by tagging them in a public shoutout.  ‌


6. Keep it local

There’s nothing wrong with supporting large, national charities. But if you’re looking to involve your community members, consider showing support for smaller, local organizations. Working with and donating to groups in your area will have more of an impact because it’ll give your followers the chance to support their communities. Plus, employees at your bank or credit union can physically visit the charity and take part in its efforts, which goes a long way in encouraging your followers to do the same. 
(Need a way to easily and quickly track employee volunteer hours? Kadince can help. With our community involvement software, you won’t have to track down employees and beg them to submit hours. Submitting hours only takes a minute, and you’ll have all the information you need the first time around. Schedule a personalized demo to learn more!)

7. Don’t be afraid to start 

Asking your social media followers to donate or support a cause can be nerve-wracking, but if you follow the tips above, you’ll likely see more engagement with your posts, as well as more donations and support. 
Your followers want to support causes in need, and you have the platform and the voice to show them how and ask for their help. Don’t waste this opportunity. Get out there and start supporting charitable causes on social media. Pretty soon, your followers will support them too. 

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Jaidyn Crookston | Content Manager, Kadince

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