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Software to Streamline Complaint Management

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No More Time Wasted Routing Complaints for Review

As complaints come into Kadince from customers/members, community groups, employees, or the government, each complaint is routed to the proper reviewers based on your preset criteria (e.g., product type, keyword, branch location, etc.). Kadince also reminds reviewers of any outstanding tasks.

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No More Time Wasted Finding Complaint Trends

Because all your complaints are in Kadince, you can quickly identify complaint trends. This helps your team fix any problems before more customers/members are affected.

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No More Time Wasted Creating and Sending Tasks

There are many tasks associated with reviewing and resolving complaints. Kadince creates and sends tasks to propose a resolution, respond to the government, or contact customers/members.

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No More Time Wasted Collecting Data

You can configure forms in Kadince to collect the data needed to better understand complaints. These forms help you receive the data you need, when a complaint is submitted, so you don't have to go back for more information. You can build these forms without help from your IT department.

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Other Time-Saving Features

Comprehensive Complaint Management Activity Log - Checkmark Icon
Comprehensive Activity Log

Entering data into Kadince or editing the data already in Kadince is tracked in an activity log. This history helps ensure the integrity of your information.

Complaint Management Workflow Rules - Gears Icon
Workflow Rules

You can create rules in Kadince to pre-fill data, assign tasks, and send notifications. Build a workflow for tasks you repeat daily, and get more of your time back.

Complaint Management Risk Reduction - Warning Icon
Risk Reduction

All complaints are organized in one system and run through a review process. This helps ensure complaints are handled promptly.

With Kadince, you spend less time managing complaints. And, you sleep easy knowing that complaints are being reviewed on-time by the proper people.

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Building Software to Streamline Complaint Management Since 2015

As former bankers, we know how time-consuming it is to manage complaints. We set out to build software to help streamline complaint tracking and management at financial institutions.

See how financial institutions are using Kadince to streamline complaint management and reduce risks.

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We believe software pricing should grow with the financial institution. For that reason, we’ll tailor Kadince pricing to the size, needs, and growth plans of your institution.

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