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Request Continuing Education (CE) Credit

CE Credit Request Form

Need CERP, CFMP, or CRCM credit? We’ve got your back (and your credit!). If you watched one of our ABA-approved live or recorded webinars, complete the form below and we’ll send you an official Koala certificate.

Note: You’re still required to report your CE credit to the proper organization. Once you’ve completed the form, we’ll give you instructions on how to self-report.

If you have any questions, please email cecredit@kadince.com.

Request Credit

Earn More CE Credit

We’ll be offering CE credit with more and more of our upcoming webinars. If you want to be notified whenever we hold a webinar with CE credit, sign up for our emails.

Can’t wait for the next webinar with CE credit? Watch these past webinar recordings to earn even more CE credit.

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Thanks for your interest in Kadince software. I’ll email you a proposal within two (2) Kadince business hours (sometime before ).